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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to have Bella Musica play for my wedding?

Basically, the cost for us to perform for your wedding and/or reception will depend upon the size of the ensemble, and the length of time for which you would like us to play. For engagements that require travel beyond our normal performance venues, there will be an additional fee for mileage.

2. My fiancé and I are on a tight budget. Is it really necessary to have "live music"?

The unique quality of live music will enhance the beauty and ambience of your very special day. This intimate and human connection cannot be duplicated by recorded music. In addition, the visual effect of a professionally dressed ensemble will add that elegant touch of class which will compliment the other aspects of your wedding.

3. Do you perform for outdoor weddings?

Yes, we do perform outdoors, weather-allowing. More details can be explained upon your request.

4. How large an ensemble will I need?

The size of the ensemble depends on your personal preferences, the location and size of the event, the total number of expected guests, and your budget. A string quartet or trio is appropriate for most weddings. For a small wedding and a site where space is limited, a duo may be perfect.

5. For how long will Bella Musica play before the wedding ceremony begins?

For most weddings, we traditionally provide 30 minutes of prelude music (prior to the start of the ceremony).

6. What is the length of contracted time for which I will need Bella Musica to play?

Normally, a wedding (prelude + ceremony music) engages no more than one hour of time for the musicians. Bella Musica, however, allocates one hour and fifteen minutes of contracted time.

7. What is the process for booking Bella Musica to play for my wedding?

Once we have discussed and finalized the details of our involvement in your wedding, we will send you a contract which will include all (previously discussed) details. The contract will state the monetary amount due to guarantee our commitment to your special date.

8. How far in advance should we book Bella Musica?

It is best to contact Bella Musica as soon as you have finalized the date of your special event. 

9. Will we need to get together to discuss the music details?

Not necessarily. All the details can be discussed and finalized by email or phone. However, if you prefer, we will certainly meet with you.

10. What happens if there are last minute changes in my ceremony, and I forget to inform you?

Bella Musica musicians arrive at your wedding 30-45 minutes prior to playing the prelude music. Upon arrival, we will go directly to the wedding coordinator to double check all of the ceremony details. At that time we will learn of any changes which may have occurred.

11. Will you help me choose music selections for my wedding?

Yes! We will work with you to select your music. You may choose as many or as few of the specific pieces as you wish. Or, if you prefer, you may even leave the selection process completely up to our experience.

12. Do you attend the wedding rehearsal?

No, we generally do not attend the rehearsal. Because of our thorough email and phone conversations with you and our vast experience with performing for weddings, we are able to carefully plan your wedding music without the need (and extra expense) of our attending the rehearsal.

13. What type of music will the ensemble play for the prelude and ceremony?

Bella Musica can perform music from most musical genres. If you so desire, we can provide traditional selections of our choice. However, we believe that your wedding music should reflect personal preferences of your choosing. We will be happy to consult with you concerning specific requests which will enhance your ceremony, and make it uniquely personal.

14. Is there anything which I need to provide and have set up for the musicians?

Yes, Bella Musica musicians will need to be provided with armless chairs.

15. We are getting married at my fiancé's church and it is very small. How much space do the musicians require?

The amount of space Bella Musica needs is determined by the number of musicians in the group... i.e. string quartet, trio, or duo. Most small churches can still accommodate a string duo.

16. Does Bella Musica require amplification?

No. Bella Musica's sound carries well, and is appropriate for large and small sanctuaries, or any other site which you may choose. 

17. Will you accompany singers or other instrumentalists for my wedding ceremony?

Yes! Because a rehearsal will be necessary with the guest musician, there will be an additional fee.

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